This is just the beginning of my new web site. Please book mark the site as I intend to add new sub categories and add to the existing ones on a constant basis. Some of the main categories are still empty but I will get to them. I have many, many thousands of items to post in the coming months and years, so check often. If you have any questions, please ask, and I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.

How To Buy

I'm Now accepting PayPal using the e-mail address

  • If you want to buy any of the items, please e-mail me using the form on the contact page.

All prices are in US dollars. If I know you, I will accept a personal US dollar cheque. If you are a new customer, I will accept an International US money order or paypal. If you live in the UK special payment arrangements can be made. Just e-mail me.

The item will be held until the payment is received. If you are not yet known to me, purchases over $50 will be held until sufficient time has passed for the cheque to clear.

The buyer pays all postage and insurance. I have found that air mail is the fastest, safest and most reliable. If you wish to use a courier service (like UPS or FedEx), arrangements can be made.

All transactions are confidential.

What I Buy

Of course, I buy photographs outright and will pay more for interesting photographs - from one to a collection - than anyone! I am especially interested in buying stereoviews of any subject. Please tell me, what you have to offer!

Of very special interest are stereoviews of Canada and Europe. The only kind of photographs I do not purchase are lithographs (printed as in a magazine).

If you offer me photographs to buy you may help me in my decision by being as precise as possible in your description of the item. Describe the subject matter, tell me who the photographer is (if you know), the condition of the photo (creased, faded, stained, chipped, etc.) and what price you have in mind. If you have the ability to scan the photographs that would make things much easier. It is very difficult to make a decision about something that you cannot see. Many people ship their photos on approval so that I can make a better judgement. If it turns out that we cannot agree on the price I will return your photos at my expense. Please don't send anything without first contacting me.


All Photographs are originals. No Reproductions !

Although grading an item is a somewhat subjective occupation, I try to give a fair description by means of the system below. Please remember that scanned images may show flaws that are not actually there. So please, go by the description.


EX = Excellent. Fresh, clean and like new.

VG = Very Good. Close to EX in that the image should show good tones, but could have very slight soil, minor wear, especially to mount, but no overly distracting problems.

G = Good. Average collectable condition, which may, as described, exhibit minor foxing, minor stains, rubbed or creased mount.

F = Fair. More serious problems as described. These photographs are only included because of unusual subject matter and rarity.

for fine tuning (+) and (-) is used, as well as o/w (otherwise) to help give you an overall impression of the condition.